The Bishop Stronghold in Vastseliina

Vastseliina castle ruins Vastseliina castle ruins Vastseliina castle ruins Vastseliina castle ruins

A 14th century Bishop Stronghold is situated in the Parish of Vastseliina, in Vana-Vastseliina. The Stronghold was erected on the initiative of the Bishop of Tartu and the Order Masters of Livonia and thanks to rebuilding and expanding works it became a mighty border stronghold. The Stronghold was completely destroyed by the Russians in the North War (1702). In the Middle Ages the Church was known in the Catholic world as a destination of pilgrimages due to a miracle cross it owned.

The Tavern of Piiri is situated on the foothill of the Bishop Stronghold, near the former important trade route of Riga-Pskov. The Tavern with a horse post station is mentioned in the Road Atlas of 1695. The Tavern sold products
of the local manor and was a resting and leisure place. The activity of the Tavern of Piiri boomed in the second half the 19th century due to the development of the wine industry. In the times of the Soviet reign the building was used in many different ways. The tavern was opened as a catering and entertainment establishment at the beginning of the 1990s.

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