Vaemla Wool Factory

Станки по выделке шерсти Станки по выделке шерсти

This long white stone building is one of the few surviving Vaemla manor buildings that is still in use. We know that the house was built somewhere around the 19th century as a hay shed for the Vaemla manor house. Today the building accommodates the family business Hiiu Vill, managed by Tiiu and Jüri Valdma since 1992. At first glimpse, it is hard to believe that you are still in modern times. The house contains some very old machines used to turn wool into yarn. The word manufacture would probably be more suitable in describing the factory, because most of the work is done by hand. The older machinery is from Poland. Such machines have been produced there since 1860s. Presumably the local machinery also dates back to the 19th century, but the exact date is not known. These were brought to Hiiumaa from the Estonian mainland, and some of the more modern machines are from Saaremaa. The spinning machine from the Soviet era was made in Tashkent.

Although the family will very kindly explain the tasks of each piece of the machinery, they are working all the while, too. About 25-30 kilograms of yarn is the average production for one day. Combining commerce and tourist-oriented activities helps them stay competitive: in the summer they sell woollen cardigans, socks, gloves and other items, designed by the housewife who is also an artist. During the summers it is very relaxing to sit in a cool cafe, eat homemade pies and enjoy the beauty of the area.

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