Keila-Joa Waterfall and Türisalu Cliff

Estonia. Keila-Joa Waterfall Estonia. Keila-Joa Waterfall

Near Tallinn there are two waterfalls that are well known and are fairly large and interesting. The first one, which is also the largest and most well known is Jägala Waterfall. The second one is Keila-Joa Waterfall (1). It is also part of a large park that has acess to the sea and also has an abandoned manor with several buildings near it.

Upstream from the waterfall there are two walking bridges where Russian newlyweds place a lock on the bridge with
thier names inscribed on it. Each side of the river symbolizes each family and the bridge is their love and their marrige and the lock holds the bridge together. After they attach the lock they throw the key into the river to symbolize thier marrige lasting forever. It's interesting that this tradition is also in use in Ida-Virumaa, on the observation bridge in front of the Valaste Waterfall.

Türisalu Bank (2) is one of the most impressive places of the North Estonian limestone coast, towering up to 31 meters. A good view opens out to the Island of Naissaar and Vääna-Jõesuu. On the Landscape Reserve of the area grow many rare plants, including shrubby cinquefoil, fringed pink, black cotoneaster, etc.

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